Statistics show that there are hundreds of thousands of blogs being created everyday, which is not at all surprising. With all the software, tutorials and blogging tips easily available on the internet, launching a blog and getting it up and running is relatively easy.

Yet, if you pick any one niche and study a cross section of blogs in that niche, you will find that some blogs are wildly successful while some of the others are struggling to survive. So what is it that determines the success of a blog? Surprisingly, it's the small things that count- the intangibles that you cannot quite put a finger but they are there and they keep readers coming back for more. While you may have read hundreds of blogging tips here is one that you would do well to think about when launching your own blog.

Keep your Blog Personal & Warm

Visiting a state of art blog that is immaculately designed but devoid of personality and warmth and very rarely updated, is like walking through a museum with some fabulous works of art. You've seen it once and while you may want to go back and re-visit one more time you are hardly likely to go back and visit every so often unless the museum has acquired a new masterpiece.

However, a blog that is designed to draw the readers in with warm welcoming words and interesting, content that is constantly updated- in other words, a blog with a heart- is likely to have readers coming back time and again if nothing else for the huge feel-good factor. Soft words, a soothing voice and a warm welcome are what most readers look for. A virtual cup of coffee would be good too.

So let your competition read all the blogging tips they want. If you are planning on launching a blog in a niche that is overcrowded you now know the secret that will help you outlast any competition.

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