There's a report circulating on the Internet that the 'glory days' of Google Adsense are over -- because of a simple anti-website-publisher change that Google made to its Adwords program earlier this year.

Adwords is Google's contextual advertising innovation for Internet advertisers that lets any average person (or small business, or large company) set up his/her/its own ads -- to appear either on the Google Search Engine Page or on website pages like ours, or on both. Adsense is Google's advertising innovation for website developers, which gives websites like ours the chance to earn small dollops of cash each time a site visitor clicks a contextual ad we display. Adsense helps website developers defray expenses related to website improvement and maintenance. For more details go to The aforementioned 'Death Of Adsense' Report, states that Google changed its Adwords Program in March 2006 to allow Adwords advertisers to bid a separate price for ads that displayed on the Google Search Engine Page as opposed to ads that displayed on website pages.

From that date forward, an Ad words advertiser could bid high for favorable Search Engine results (which, it is the claimed, are generally more beneficial to advertisers) and bid low for well-placed ads on websites (which, it is claimed, are generally less beneficial for advertisers). And, according to the author of 'Death of Adsense', that's exactly what advertisers have gradually done over the last 6 months -- causing Adsense revenues for websites to wilt badly.

Because we joined the Adsense Program around the time that the change was being implemented (unbeknownst to us), we really can't compare our experience now with the so-called 'glory days' of Adsense. To know more about it login to There have been no 'glory days' for us to recall -- nor to compare with. Just a modest trickle of encouraging and much-appreciated pocket-money.
But the 'Adsense is dead' report makes intriguing reading. And, for those who are interested in such subjects, click following to access a fully illustrated version of this article that contains a live link to 'Life after Adsense'.
Jim and (co-author) Perihan Masters are a husband and wife team, living on the Aegean Coast of Turkey just 50 miles south of Izmir. Jim was born in Shanghai, China -- of American military parentage. Peri was born on the Black Sea coast of Turkey near Trabzon, of Turkish military parentage...Enticed by a Financial Times advertisement, Jim joined a NATO sponsored enterprise in Ankara in 1974 where he met the beautiful and brainy Perihan, a rising young Turkish banking executive. Settled now in the heart of what was once the ancient Ionian Empire -- the couple live an idyllic life by the sea. Writing, drawing and painting, teaching English, and providing computing service support to local businesses. They also sponsor the MSNBC award-winning Learning Practical Turkish Website which has built an enthusiastic international following of devoted Turkophiles and inquisitive language students of all ages.

Most webmasters know that Adsense generates a sizeable source of additional advertising income. That is why most of them use it to go after high paying keywords. They have with them the lists that tells what the keywords are and have already used various methods of identifying them. And yet, after putting up these supposed-to-be high paying keywords into their pages, the money they expected to come rolling in is not really coming in.

What is it that they are doing wrong? Having the pages is with the proper keywords is one thing. But driving visitors to those pages is another matter and often the factor that is lacking. The thing is, to get visitors to your high paying keyword pages, you need to optimize your site navigation. Stop for a moment and think about how visitors are using your website. After a visitor has landed on a certain page, they have the tendency to click on another page that sounds interesting. They get there because of the other links that appears on a page that they initially landed on. This is site navigation. It is all about enabling visitors to move about your site. And one way of maximizing your Adsense earnings. A typical website have menu links on each page. The wording on these links is what grabs a visitor’s attention and gets them to click on one of the links that will take them to another page of that website. Links that have “free’ or “download” are oftentimes good attention-grabbers. This navigation logic can also be applied to driving traffic to your high paying pages. There are some websites that are getting a lot of traffic from search engines, but have low earnings. The trick is to try and use come cleverly labeled links to get the visitors off that pages and navigate them to the higher earning ones. This is one great way of turning real cheap clicks to real dollars. Before you begin testing if this same style will work for you and your website, you need to have two things. Something to track and compare and some high earning pages you want to funnel your site traffic to. An option is to select a few of your frequently visited pages. This is ensuring fast result to come by. Now, the next thing to do is think of ways to get visitors viewing a particular page to try and click on the link that will take them to your high earning pages. Come up with a catchy description for that link. Come up with a catchy and unique description for the link. Think of something that people do not get to see everyday. That will trigger their curiosity enough to try and see what that was all about. You can also use graphics to grab your readers’ attention. There is no limitation to what you can do to make your link noticeable. If you are after the success of your site, you will do everything it takes just to achieve that goal. Just be creative. As far as many Adsense advertisers are concerned, there are no written and unwritten laws to follow regarding what they write. Just as long as you do not overstep the guidelines of the search engines, then go for it. Also remember that it is all about location, location and location. Once the perfect attention grabbing description has been achieved, you have to identify the perfect spot on your page to position that descriptive link to your high paying page. There is nothing wrong with visiting other websites to see how they are going about maximizing their site navigation. “Hot pages” or “Most read” lists are very common and overly used already. Get to know the ones that many websites are using and do not try to imitate them. Another way of doing it is to try and use different texts on different pages. That way you will see the ones that work and what does not. Try to mix things around also. Put links on top and sometimes on the bottom too. This is how you go about testing which ones get more clicks and which ones are being ignored. Let the testing begin. Testing and tracking until you find the site navigation style that works best for you site.

Credit Card Processing - Why It Is Important?

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Credit cards are essentially a payment system in which the issuer of the card lends a certain amount of money to the credit card holder. They derive their name from the plastic cards which are issued to the users by a system. These cards that are issued are essentially small and pocket sized to make them convenient to carry and use. Credit cards are different from debit cards and charge cards owing to credit card processing and other such features like the revolving payment. The shapes and sizes of all credit cards world wide are standardized by the ISO 7810 standard.

The term credit card processing refers to the processing of the credit cards by various companies and service providers in order to deduct money from the account of the user for the services availed. Credit cards are a safe mode of payment. A large part of the various companies and firms in today’s world accept payment from various clients and customers via credit cards. The remaining firms are content with the other methods of payments like cash, checks, and similar other modes which deal with paper money. Credit cards deal in money which can be termed as plastic money. Our merchant account services offer you numerous benefits on credit card processing.

Credit card processing is highly essential for all businesses owing to numerous reasons. Some of them are:

It is however advisable that all companies should accept payments through credit cards owing to the simplicity and ease with which a customer can pay using a credit card. In case of a conflict arising out of misplaced checks, there is a great risk that a company may end up loosing its customers. This issue never arises in the case of credit cards.
Processing payments through credit cards is faster and easier. There is no delay and the firm providing services receives the payment instantly.
Telephone credit card processing involves the use of a single telephone for making a payment to a company by the credit card holder. This method is highly preferred by a lot of people world wide as it can be done from within the house.
Credit card processing provides a virtual terminal for the payments to be made. This enables firms operating via the Internet to receive payments from customers across the world.

The processing of payments via credit cards is thus extremely essential for all companies alike as this increase the ease at which payments can be received thus enabling a faster and a safer mode of payment for the customers. The services, along with merchant accounts, can be bought from who is the leaders in the industry.

AMS is one such company that offers merchant services that will help in growing your business. For more information, visit their website

For processing payments through Merchant Services, the AMS Merchant Account Services is considered among the leaders in the market. It is one of the most significant Credit card processing agencies that have a huge customer base. It has been operating in the Merchant Account industry online for the last 9 years. It firmly believes in serving the customers the best and offering them quality services at an unbeatable price.

As a matter of fact, credit card processing is not as easy as it may sound. The AMS Merchant Account has an edge over competitors in the market. It has the potential to become a trustworthy business associate for any entrepreneur or corporate entity. If someone is looking for Merchant Services that can take care of all his credit card processing needs including the hardware parts, then AMS Merchant Account is the company he should choose.

If one is looking for an absolutely smooth Credit card processing experience, then AMS Merchant Account is the ultimate Merchant Account for him. All the major credit cards like MasterCard®, Visa® and American Express® and a plethora of debit cards are accepted by it. With AMS one can forget about the usual credit card processing hassles as well as the payment of extra fee for services.

If one compares AMS Merchant Account with similar competing Merchant Services, he can very well understand the difference. It offers a unique 3 months Price Match Policy for the consumers. There is no middleman involved in the Credit card dealing jobs. When someone applies for a merchant account with this company his account is approved on the same day. A person can apply online or by making a call. AMS provides comprehensive credit card processing solutions for several types of business setups like B2B, home based enterprise, internet business or retail merchant account and more. For any problems that may crop up, it has a dedicated 24x7 customer support wing that is toll free. Issues like early cancellation charges or elaborate contracts do not exist in its agenda.

When one chooses AMS Merchant Account for his credit card processing requirements he need not bother about paying consumer service charges. Its consumers can avail round the clock consumer service free of cost. The company website offers a unique "Price Bust" in the shopping cart section that enables the user to check the pricing policy of rival companies. With every merchant account the consumer gets a credit card machine absolutely free.

Accept Your Orders With the Help Of Merchant Services

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People involved in E-commerce consider a Merchant Account an essential part of their venture. This type of account enables online business owners to accept online transactions that are made through debit and credit cards. The merchant accounts can be obtained from banks, credit card companies or similar online payment processors.

There are several variants of Merchant Accounts. They are Mail Order Telephone Order (MOTO) accounts, retail merchant accounts and Internet merchant accounts. Restaurants, grocery stores and small hotels generally prefer the retail merchant accounts. But it does not fit the bill for people running businesses online. The MOTO accounts can be used when the physical utilization of the credit cards is not possible. The Internet based merchant accounts deal with transactions that are done online. Usually this kind of Merchant Services uses a virtual terminal or payment service gateway for the job. You need to select the most appropriate kind of Credit card processing service for your business.

To boost the sales of your online business you need to select a suitable Merchant Services provider. You need to read the terms and conditions of the service provider beforehand. Check whether there are any hidden costs involved or not. Obviously the merchant account provider will charge a fee from you for making an account for your business.

Beware of the so-called free service Merchant Service Providers. Steer clear of them. They befool people into believing their advertisements and fleece them later. If you are confused about which company to select, then Advanced Merchant Services is the answer to your question. This is a credit card processing company that offers you full value for your money. At its website,, you can find a feature called "Price Bust" that enables you to check whether any competitor can give you a better price. It also gives each of its consumers a credit card machine free of cost.

What sets this Merchant Accounts Company apart from others is the fact it has no related hassles like early cancellation charges or elaborate contracts. For solving the problems faced by consumers, a toll free dedicated helpline is available 24x7. It is committed to give topmost priority to its consumers. To keep the consumers happy it also offers a money back guarantee. It offers the consumers the best quality credit card terminals. With AMS to serve you, it is guaranteed that your online sales will scale up in no time.

Credit Card Processing Equipments

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In today’s world most people use credit cards to purchase different items. They use credit cards to purchase both luxury and ordinary items. However, for processing credit cards, credit card processing equipments are required. These equipments quicken the process of a credit transaction. In comparison to the earlier equipments, the modern credit card processing equipments ensures that the payments are made quicker. Besides, they also increase the credibility and the overall sales. Most important of all is that this saves a lot of overhead costs.

Among the different types of credit card processing, the mobile credit card processing is considered to be the best. The efficient mobile credit card processing equipment helps in faster payment while saving money. The mobile credit card machines are best for those people who are engaged in different businesses. These machines provide various types of merchant services. It is very easy to use the mobile credit card machines. All the transactions are completed by swiping the credit card through this credit card processing equipment.

Different credit card processing equipments help to accept online payments made by the holder of these cards. The state-of-the art technology of these processing equipments help in making the payment gateway secured. Besides, these equipments also provide facilities for fraud screening. Credit cards processing equipments also help provides a real time report of the transactions that are made. However, in order to make an online transaction in this manner a virtual terminal will be required which is provided by the internet.

The modern credit card processing equipment possesses many advantages in comparison to the conventional wireless merchant accounts. The monthly charges of these equipments are quite reasonable. In addition, the processing fee is also low. Some merchant services either charge a minimum fee or no processing charge. At present, the mobile credit card processing equipment is considered to be the most convenient means of processing credit cards.

In today’s world most of the business concerns prefer to use the mobile credit card processing equipments. These concerns enter into contracts with those companies who provide mobile credit card processing equipments. Generally, a contract is made for 2-5 years. However, extra caution should be taken while choosing such a company. This is because these companies charge cancellation fees in case the concern desires to terminate their contract.

A quick explanation of what NCOA stands for is the national change of address directory the USPS keeps on record. Every time you move and update your address with the local facility they update their systems and mail get forwarded to the new address and new mail gets started to the correct location, the new location, where it is supposed to.

For companies with large mailing lists not taking advantage of the software available to make sure the most important aspect of your business is not being neglected, shame on you. Below are the 5 best reasons to use NOCA Link software to improve your business.

1. About 40 million addresses a year are changed in the national change of address database. If you have a large mailing list it is nearly impossible for many of your desired recipients to not be on this list. After 4 years that number is 160 million and you can do the math. If you want your correspondence to be properly received you better get the software.

2. If people have moved without providing a change of address the majority of mail will not be forwarded. This means that all the mail that gets bounced back to your business needs to be entered into the database as undelivered mail and cross checked with your NCOA software to make sure you are using the best address.

3. If you are partially correct or close enough the NCOA can fill in the most likely information to get your mail to your customers or potential customers. It can also provide the details on the returned mail as to why this correspondence was returned so you’ll know how to adjust it.

4. This NCOA list also applies to businesses, not just individuals. These may be some of your larger clients and it would be foolish to not take extra precaution to make sure they are getting whatever it is, letter, catalog etc that you intend for them to receive.

5. With the economy at its most difficult point in years saving money or more accurately, not wasting money, has to be a priority. When checking your records against the NCOA software you will cut down on wasted mailings, improve the hit rate of the recipients and in turn receive more profit or service requests from your distribution.

Above are 5 great reasons to make sure you are doing all the due diligence you can to improve your company’s bottom line. Mailing through the post office can be the cheapest and most effective way to get correspondence out to your customers and clients. By using NCOA link software and other great software such as SAP software and Intelligent Mail Barcode software you are giving yourself the best chance for success. By neglecting these resources available to you, you are losing the ability to judge the success of your mailing and doing yourself a disservice. Make sure to stay one step ahead of your competition by checking the accuracy of your most valuable commodity, your mailing list. Good luck with your future marketing efforts.

A bad economic climate is not something that you should be depressed with. Yes, your business might not be in the best possible circumstances or your job hunting might be producing less than ideal results. Instead of worrying about it though, you should try to feel challenged and motivated. In these times, if you are determined to get back on track to the road to prosperity you have to be creative and even aggressive in your business.

One of the simple ways you can do this is to re-imagine yourself and your business image. You can do this by trying to update your card designs and print business cards anew. Business card printing is still one of the best tools you have to engage clients and employers alike by making you look better and more competent. By updating your business card printing designs regularly, you can increase your competitive edge in your business field or in the job market.

There are several steps that you can take to update your designs for card printing and in turn update your business image. Most of them can add several dollars to your overall business card printing cost, but they are well worth the price to get the success that you need.

Throwing in that professional shine – The true mark of a professional is that “shine” in their personality. This also applies of course to their business cards. One good way to update your color business card and recreate your image is to invest in glossy coatings. Card printing has come a long way throughout the years and most business card printing services offer card printing with glossy finishes on its paper stock. This is the source of that professional shine. This contributes a reflective nature to your business cards making it look better and well more expensive. In terms of your business image, this means that people will think you care enough to promote yourself thoroughly, and you are thorough enough in your business ethic to remember even small details like professional business card printing. This little insight can be invaluable to your image which can give you that extra chance in making a business contract, or even getting that job that you wanted.

Rethink content – Besides adding that professional shine, you should try and rethink of your business card content. Your card's content is your way in communicating your business image. This may come in the form of your business card tag line, the images that may be printed inside it and sometimes even the font style of your content. If you have been using your standard lines and designs for several years, you have to get rid of them and start with fresh new ideas. The first thing that you can work on is your tag line. Maybe you can use or search for a new and inspirational maxim to use? You may find something new to say, or you may be able to choose a different but still classing quotation.

The only point here is that you need to change it so that people will not find the same old boring thing. You can also try updating your content by rephrasing things like your job title, and you can also change the font style of all of your printed content so that they have a different appearance. By doing this major overhaul of your business card message you also recreate your image. Be sure to aim this recreation to the themes and qualities that you want to include in your business image.

So, by changing your business card looks and content, you also (by default) change your business image. Once you get those new business card designs, distribute them immediately so that your new image can take effect. This might be the new motivating factor that you need to engage your business contacts, or your future employers and convince them that doing business with you will be a successful investment. So update your image now through business card printing. It will be your key to business success, and in the larger picture will be your contribution in the fight against unemployment and recession.

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Global Biometric Forecast to 2012

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Biometrics is seeing rapid adoption in public and private sectors worldwide as an accurate, reliable and cost-saving way to offer better and advanced security surveillance. Over the past few years, the biometric technology has developed from a new technology used in a narrow band of closed environment applications to a useful, practical, fit-for-purpose tool used across a range of industries and in a wide variety of applications. Along with the governments across the world, a growing number of financial services firms are also considering the use of biometric technology strongly as a more efficient and secure method of identifying its potential customers, according to “Global Biometric Forecast to 2012”.

This analytical research thoroughly evaluates the global biometric market. It briefly discusses about the current and future scenario of biometric market across various regions, underlining the future potential areas and key issues crucial for the market development.

“Global Biometric Forecast to 2012” offers extensive research on various biometric technologies, acknowledging some of their widely used applications and contextualizing the role of biometrics as an important part of security suite available to government and private industry. It also highlights some of the countries undertaking major biometrics initiatives across the world.

For the purpose of this report, the global biometric market is defined as the aggregate biometric markets of North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East & Africa, and South America.

Key Research Highlights

- Propelled by several regulatory compliances and mandates, the global biometric market is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 20% through 2012.
- Biometric technologies like facial recognition, fingerprint, AFIS and iris are anticipated to account for more than 80% of the global biometric market by 2012.
- Iris recognition technology is projected to grow at a CAGR of nearly 36% from 2008 to 2012 followed by hand geometry, voice recognition and face recognition.
- Financial and healthcare sectors are likely to emerge as the major technology consumers over the forecast period with future CAGR pegged at around 45% and over 31% respectively.
- North America and Asia-Pacific together are expected to account for nearly 55% of the global biometric market by 2012.
- The global biometric market offers huge scope for devices/peripheral manufacturers and software developers to offer better quality services at affordable price in order to serve mass market.

The Report Answers

- What is the current status of global biometric market?
- Which factors are driving the global biometric market?
- What is the current scenario of various biometric technologies and how these technologies will perform in future?
- What are the potential biometric applications and what is their future outlook?
- Which vertical segment will have the highest growth potential in near future?
- What is the region-wise scenario of biometric market?
- How is the future outlook of biometric market across various regions?
- What are the areas of opportunities for the market?

Research Methodology Used in the Report

Information Sources

Information has been sourced from various credible sources like books, newspapers, trade journals, white papers, industry portals, government agencies, trade associations, monitoring industry news and developments, and through access to over 3000 paid databases.

Analysis Method

The analysis methods used in this report include ratio analysis, historical trend analysis, linear regression analysis using software tools, judgmental forecasting, and cause and effect analysis.

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How to Buy a WordPress Theme Like a Pro

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WordPress is one of the best open source content management systems on the market. Many superbloggers and top celebrities are using it to manage their content websites. It is not only free but also very powerful. And you get more than a script with WordPress. You also get the open source community behind it that is constantly innovating and enhancing the capabilities of the platform through new plug-ins and themes. Whether you are a blogger or just a hobby writer, you can use the WP platform to create and manage your website fast.

Thanks to the WP community, there are many themes that you can use to create your very own unique website. You have free and paid themes available to you. Most serious bloggers and webmasters go for the paid themes as many webmasters are already using free themes and are not willing to take a chance on paid themes. Paid WP themes are professionally designed and come with features not available on free themes. But not all premium WP themes are created equal. Since you have to pay anywhere between $20 to $500 to buy a paid theme, you want to make sure that you do your due diligence to make sure you get the biggest bang for your buck.

Here are the factors you should keep in mind before purchasing a WordPress theme:

  1. Design: not all paid themes are designed well. You should always find out whether the theme you are planning to buy is highly customizable. A high quality theme can set your WP blog apart from others in your market.
  2. Layout: your theme layout is very important in determining how you present your material to your readers. Some folks prefer 2 column themes while others prefer 3 column ones. It really comes down to the nature of your website and how you prefer to convey information to your readers.
  3. Load: you do not want to buy a theme that comes with a lot of bells and whistles. There is such a thing as too much eye candy. Your site's performance can affect your search engine rankings and your audience's level of interest in your site.
  4. Extras: some themes make it easier to embed videos and bring the social media sites to your readers. You can always enhance your WP website with plug-ins but it's nice to have a theme that supports new media channels.
  5. Skins: many premium WP themes come with a set of skins that you can use to customize your website fast. This is not a must have but something worth considering.
  6. Price: your budget is going to play a big part in your decision to buy a paid theme. Some designs can go for as high as $500. If you can't afford that much, don't panic. There are plenty of affordable, yet powerful WP designs available on the market.

Your WordPress theme can help you do a better job of branding yourself or your business. It can also help you attract and retain more users. There are many webmasters who keep buying WP designs until they can find one to settle on. But why waste your money when you can spend some time researching to find the design that fits your website the best?

Statistics show that there are hundreds of thousands of blogs being created everyday, which is not at all surprising. With all the software, tutorials and blogging tips easily available on the internet, launching a blog and getting it up and running is relatively easy.

Yet, if you pick any one niche and study a cross section of blogs in that niche, you will find that some blogs are wildly successful while some of the others are struggling to survive. So what is it that determines the success of a blog? Surprisingly, it's the small things that count- the intangibles that you cannot quite put a finger but they are there and they keep readers coming back for more. While you may have read hundreds of blogging tips here is one that you would do well to think about when launching your own blog.

Keep your Blog Personal & Warm

Visiting a state of art blog that is immaculately designed but devoid of personality and warmth and very rarely updated, is like walking through a museum with some fabulous works of art. You've seen it once and while you may want to go back and re-visit one more time you are hardly likely to go back and visit every so often unless the museum has acquired a new masterpiece.

However, a blog that is designed to draw the readers in with warm welcoming words and interesting, content that is constantly updated- in other words, a blog with a heart- is likely to have readers coming back time and again if nothing else for the huge feel-good factor. Soft words, a soothing voice and a warm welcome are what most readers look for. A virtual cup of coffee would be good too.

So let your competition read all the blogging tips they want. If you are planning on launching a blog in a niche that is overcrowded you now know the secret that will help you outlast any competition.

Fabian Tan is a well-known Internet Marketing expert and the author of the popular 59-page Report:

"Murder Your Job: How To Build Cash Sucking Autopilot Businesses In 30 Days Or Less!"

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SEO Tools Can Improve Your Website

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Hundreds of sites on the World Wide Web apply the same precise subjects and consequently, it can be hard for visitors to discover your web site above the rest of the websites in your chosen subject. Among the most significant views of SEO is selecting the correct keyword phrases to fetch you targeted traffic to your web site.

It's crucial for any site proprietor to put their site in front of their potential audience whilst using search engine optimization tools. This will assist you to specify which keywords will be most productive to your site. Common keyword terms, also called short tail keywords, can get hold of your targeted visitors, but applying these type of keywords will in addition to mean more rivalry for your web site.

Long tail keywords are an additional search engine optimization tool that will assist to make your site more prosperous. This kind of keyword is more specified, so its utilisation leads to lesser competitive sites. This is since a lot of sites don't look further than the common terms that they sense most people research. What is more, they are right in calling back that most people begin with common terms. The bulk of people will pin down their search when they recognise how many unsuitable results a common search will generate.

Ultimately, it's up to the site proprietor to determine which kind of keyword they sense will be most advantageous to their web site. You will always find some upsides and downsides. For example, short keywords bear the benefit of achieving a broader audience, but the bulk of that audience is less convincing to purchase. Long keywords, have a more modest audience, but the bulk is much more promising.

As a matter of fact, a site owner might find it advantageous to use a bit of a mixture of bth long and short keywords. This provides a more beneficial warranty that their visitors sees their site. Long and short keywords are just a coupe of the many search engine optimization tools that are needed if you want to make your site jump out from your rivals.

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Organic SEO Techniques

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The Basics

Organic SEO the oretically can save you expenses related to advertising, but you have to take a call because SEO requirements can also oblige you to hire professionals. Advertising requires constant investment, while organic SEO is a one-time investment over a period of a few months. Since Google started auctioning popular keywords to top bidders, advertising is no longer profitable for small businesses.

Advantages of Organic SEO

1. Organic SEO techniques draw more traffic than advertising.
2. Organic SEO techniques reward relevant content, not advertising gimmicks.
3. Because customers are wary of advertised products, they rely more on search engine results to guide them to a relevant website. Therefore, if your website shows up among top search engine results, you win their trust.

Techniques That Work

A good SEO expert can be very useful if you are serious about how your website is ranked on Google, Yahoo, or MSN searches. However, you must always hire an ethical SEO. SEO is not magic and there are no one-size-fits-all formulas here. Each website has different SEO requirements depending on the target audience, nature of website, and budget allocation.

1.Content - Content is king. You do not have to be an SEO magician to be able to generate good content. You do need to be an expert in your business area though, while the ability to draw people in through writing is a bonus. If you are not a writer, hire experts. Content also refers to graphics, design, and various applications on your site.

2.Keywords - The first parameter is the nature of keywords and their variations. When web surfers look for information on vacuum hoses, chances are they will also look up "vacuum cleaners", "cheap vacuum cleaners", and "home appliances". Being creative helps. The next parameter is keyword density. Remember that Google penalizes pages with a keyword density of more than 5 percent.

3.Site Navigation - Good site navigation invites visitors to explore the website further; poor site navigation sends them off to other websites, probably your competitors'.

4.Other factors - The other organic SEO techniques include extensive page interlinking, robot txt files, meta tags, and URL tweaking.

Organic SEO techniques require hard work, creativity, and diligence. However, if your website is genuine and you are not afraid of being scrutinized for relevance, organic SEO might turn out to be the more rewarding option for you.

How to Build Traffic Using SEO Services

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In the present Internet marketing arena, driving massive traffic to your website lies on the efficiency of your SEO service. As most online users search for products online through search engines, having your site unoptimized means it won't be able to be found by the search engines resulting in a poor ranking You may have the best website and the best products to sell, but what's the use if the SEO service is done poorly or hasn't been considered at all. Therefore in order for your website to drive massive traffic and maximize its ranking, you may have to consider proper SEO services such following these steps:

First, your current website must be analyzed. This is done in two ways: On an SEO basis - Does the website has relevance to the keyword along with its HTML code and meta tags on the page? Also, the site is analyze from the user's perspective, if the user find it useful then there is a great possibility of customer conversion.

Second, the audience is one of the most important considerations. Determine your target market. Take into account their age, sex, marital status, education level, geographic location and economic status. These will be the determinant as to how you are going to approach and speak to them Make sure that your keywords are going to resonate with them.

Also, you need to consider your competitors. Identify them Try to evaluate your competitor's website. What makes their sites work better than yours?

Once you've made your research, it's time to evaluate your own website and the SEO service you have applied on your site. Is there a need to improve them? Start off, by deciding what keywords are relevant to your website, to your product and of course to your target audience. Choose the keywords carefully because it will be the cornerstone of your SEO services. After wise selection, make sure that the website content reflect them. You may need to rewrite them as you aim for a 3-5% keyword density throughout the site. But avoid filling the content with lots of this keywords. Going beyond 5% keyword density can ruin the flow of the content and make it sound unnatural. This will alienate the readers. Don't forget to include the keywords in the HTML code and in the meta tags because the search engines will also scan this to determine ranking.

With rank maximization , linking will help you improve it. To do so, you may either use non-reciprocal links or one-way links. To get more non-reciprocal links, write good quality content and update them regularly.Many people will link to your site if it is relevant or useful to them. Another way is through directory listings. While in getting one-way links, it is done through article submission.

If you're really serious about improving your SEO services to help you in generating traffic and maximizing your ranking, consider a PortalFeeder membership. This entitles you to network with money making entrepreneurs online, to undergo training within all aspects of Internet marketing, to avail of their exclusive software products, tutorials and a lot more. Overall, it is by far the most powerful system to get you loads of profit in your online business. Click here to watch a portalfeeder review.

Want to turbo-charge your PC repair business marketing plans?

Marketing surveys are a great way to get valuable information from prospects. Surveys help you stay in touch and keep current with prospects, so you can move smoothly through the sales cycle and get more steady, high-paying clients.

When you market your PC repair business, your goal is to keep your name in front of prospects in a variety of ways that keep them in your sales funnel. Surveys can help you diversify your marketing strategies. When you send a survey, instead of another follow-up letter, you establish contact in a non-threatening way that can help you get an in with potential clients.

Surveys should be focused on understanding your prospects' needs. So, don’t ask for anything other than a few moments of their participation. As an incentive, offer a free tip sheet or report in exchange for completing the survey.

The following 6 guidelines can help you design effective surveys that get inside the thoughts and minds of your prospects.

1. Keep Your Survey Short and Simple. Stick to relevant questions presented in business-focused terms. Avoid tech speak and questions that are irrelevant to your prospects’ important business problems. Prospects that are confused by, or unsure of the meaning of, survey questions will be much less likely to respond.

2. Set Up a Mailing Schedule. You need to establish an effective mailing schedule for your surveys to get the best response from prospects. You should mail or e-mail your PC repair business survey to prospects about four weeks after your initial sales appointment, conversation, proposal delivery, or other contact.

3. Send Follow-Up Surveys as Relationships with Prospects, Customers and Clients Evolve. As your prospects, customers, and clients move through the sales cycle, send follow-up surveys approximately every sixth months to help keep the dialogue open. Communication is essential to building trust and getting long-term clients.

4. Ask Relevant Questions in Your Surveys. Include questions that will help you learn more about your PC repair business prospects at the beginning of the sales cycle. “What’s the single biggest problem that you are having right now?” “How are you currently dealing with these problems?” “What do you think the solution might look like to these problems?” “What’s the single biggest obstacle that’s preventing you from moving forward in your project that we discussed earlier?” “Do you have any friends, family members, or business associates that can use our help with computer problems?”

5. Incentives Encourage Responses. When you offer valuable appropriate, relevant incentives, you will often encourage quick, high-quality responses. You could offer a free report or white paper on a technology topic relevant to their business, a free valuable service, or even a certificate for free bagels or pizza.

6. Always End Your PC Repair Business Surveys with a Thank You. If you want to start relationships off on the right foot with new prospects, you need to be polite and dedicated to fulfilling their biggest small business needs. Always end any surveys with a sincere Thank You for taking the time to answer your questions thoughtfully.

In this article, we discussed 6 ways that surveys build relationships with your PC repair business prospects. Learn more about how you can attract great, steady, high-paying clients to your PC repair business now at

Fortunately, my story has a happy ending. I had done a manual back-up of my e-mail program three weeks earlier. Therefore, I knew that I would at least have that. And even better, I have my computer set up to do an automatic back-up of my entire system every few days. It had done a back-up 6 hours before my crash. Instead of losing all my e-mails, or at least three weeks worth, I lost only 6 hours. Life was good again.

I tell this story to emphasize the importance of disaster preparing your business. It can and will happen to you. We wish it would always happen to the other guy, but it just doesn’t. You need to do everything possible to make sure that the effects are minimal if you do have a computer crash, or any other disasters that can happen including theft, hospitalizations, natural disasters, and so forth.

Here are a few tips that I find very beneficial:

1. Back-up your system regularly. Set it for automatic, and hopefully during the night so that your computer isn’t slowed down while it backs up. Make this as much a part of running your business as answering e-mails to clients.

2. Test that back-up. Just as important as backing up your system is knowing how to retrieve that information. It does differ on the type of back-up you perform. Test this out, before you need it. Also, write out complete instructions on how to restore backed up data and include this in your Disaster Plan. When you are stressed during a crisis, you need things as step-by-step and easy as possible. If you’ve already written complete instructions, you’ll be amazed how easy this can be.

3. Save a back-up copy offsite. It’s as easy as having a family member take your back-up CDs to work, or having a flash drive. I just feel better knowing that my hard work is going to be there when I get back, even if the unthinkable happened while I was away.

4. Do regular virus scans. Many feel that because they have a virus program that will alert them if a virus comes in via e-mail, they are safe. That could well be. However, I feel so much better after doing a virus scan and it telling me I’m AOK. Also, set this for automatic as well.

5. For important e-mails, copy and paste them into your word processing program. It takes a little extra effort, but can be easily done. Also, download files as soon as they arrive.

It’s also important to have a disaster recovery plan. It’s easier than you think and should be done the same as your marketing and business plans.

Here are some tips for that:

1. Business Continuity Plan – Plan ahead for all aspects of your business. It’s important to write down all your client contact information, where back-ups are stored, who your subcontractors are, the work normally done, etc. When you think about it, if something were to happen tomorrow, how good would you feel if you knew your clients, subcontractors, and business operations would be taken care of. It just provides the peace of mind you need.

2. While you’re writing, include a breakdown of family members, phone contacts, close relatives with complete contact information. We recommend additionally putting this on a 3 x 5 card for your younger children. And honestly, this isn’t just for us Floridians who experience hurricanes. The unexpected weather over the past months should tell you of the importance of this.

3. Keep an inventory of all your business furnishings, business equipment, software programs, passwords, etc. Also, keep receipts and photos. You’ll be amazed how once you do this and have it set up, it’s automatic when you get something new. You simply add it to your recovery plan. I make copies of all receipts and simply add it to an envelope in my plan.

4. Insurance information. Write down all your policies and coverage. In addition to having this information if you did need to file a claim, it also helps to see if you have enough coverage.

5. Medical information. The well being of yourself and family is of utmost importance. You need to write down all of you and your family’s medicines, doctors, medical conditions, etc. This section can literally save your life. Don’t forget to include drug dosages. Now you’re wondering why this is part of a business disaster recovery plan. But when you think about it, aren’t you the most important part of your business. That’s why this is so critical.

6. Have someone you totally trust who will be in charge of a copy of your plan. Send them the updated version regularly. Also, let others know who this is. When something happens, they know immediately who to contact to retrieve your plan.

I hope you have found these tips helpful. Prepare now and have peace and security for years to come.

Tax Tips for the Home-based Business Owner

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Choose Your Accountant Wisely

One of the most important decisions you’ll make as a business owner is who you will choose to help you with your bookkeeping and accounting needs. Research accountants in your area and look for one that specializes in small business taxes. Ask if they will prepare both corporate and personal returns if needed. Make sure your accountant is clear on how they charge for their time - especially for questions over the phone.

I once worked with accountants who worked with large corporations. They were used to having very little contact with their clients, however with a new corporation I had many questions about how things worked. Needless to say it didn’t go well. Our current accountant specializes in small businesses and is available by phone or email if I have a question.

Set Up Your Business Accounts Properly

I was told early in my business career that I must make sure to keep my business accounts and personal accounts separate. When I first began running my own business I simply added a second checking account to use for business purposes. There was no cost to do so I was able to set my income aside in this separate account.

I also set up a savings account to set aside my taxes each month. This was a big help at the end of the year knowing that all of my taxes were set aside and I could relax instead of scrambling to come up with the money.

Keep Good Records

Another way to keep tax season stress-free is to keep business receipts throughout the year. I keep a separate file in the filing cabinet next to my desk just for this purpose. This way I have everything in one place when tax season arrives. If you don’t have room for a filing cabinet, consider an expandable folder categorized A - Z. That way you can still divide up the taxes by topic, and won’t have to do that come tax season.

Keep records of your business expenses throughout the year. Request a list of items from your accountant or tax professional, so that you will know what items to track. Be sure to ask what counts as “business expenses.” There are certain deductions that you can take for your home, car, and utilities. Consult your tax professional about these deductions.

Know Your Tax Facts

It’s important to know the date that your taxes are due. Many S corporations are surprised when they discover that some of their tax forms need to be filed by March 15th and not April 15th. Another surprise to some home-based businesses is that if you pay subcontractors over $600.00 a year, you need to send them a 1099 by the end of January.

There are many places online to find more information about taxes. One great place to find more information is the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) website at They have sections with helpful information on both personal and business taxes. They also list contact information for local IRS offices where you can also find help.

Don’t ignore the taxes involved with running a home-based business and hope it will all work itself out. It takes planning and effort to be prepared for tax season. Do your homework when it comes to taxes and find an accountant that you trust to guide you through the tax maze. With the right preparation and help your tax season can be stress-free.

You can gather information by identifying the prospects where you can set up the business. Set meetings and discuss things to people, considering the attempts you will have to make to generate relevant information. Thus you would be able to gather support from people and try to make deals that will suit the requirements in the best way. Therefore, you should not hesitate asking and to inform yourself by finding out different details and types of information from people, regarding the future of the business.

By keeping the conversation friendly, but in the professional level, you will be able to place the confidence and trust that people will have in you. Taking notes is also one good idea to help you in what will follow next.

Also, if you analyze information that you are collecting, you will be able to find out more about the prospects and you can then identify and will then be able to analyze the trends that will be indicating the steps and the methods that are suitable for your clients. Based on financial positions and the requirements they come with, you will be able to draw up one plan for them.

The next step would be to establish the goals. If you analyze the information, you will set goals and then help your prospects. For this purpose only,you will manage to organize information and then have it collected in plans that will benefit both the prospect and yourself. In this case, the plans can draw plans and you should meet the client requirements and then, you will be able to suggest other things that will suit.

Your driving force is to be able to establish a relationship, able to last for long periods of time, provided that the requirements will end by having the client assured that they will be returning to the conduct business.

Next, you should implement the goals that you have set up in your mind. Analyze the prospect for which the annuities will be suitable and then develop ideas to benefit you as well as the potential customers that you will have. Another thing to have in mind is that you should place dates before the customers and thus, you will be able to record in details what is happening. Therefore, before settling down with agreements, you would need to clarify doubts and then sign and decide once and for all for a course of action.

The stage of implementation

The plan you have created then needs to be implement. Once the prospect will agree down to a plan, then you can start to count down the seconds rolling and the ball turning. You can then finish the paperwork and then work on the agreement. Therefore, if you need to do something else that the prospect might request, then you will then have to comply with their requirement. In the case you have an account , then you will be able to send policies or plans, and then be able to convince them to set up the accounts and start discussing with the client. After that, you would need to send the clients the policies and the plans as well as convince them to put into practice the benefits you will provide them for making business with you.

Also, you could create one lasting relationship with the client. And then, you need to have a good relationship, professional one and then you will be sure to have someone purchasing your services and thus guide you constantly with the quality of the services that you are offering. Therefore, you might be able to create lasting relationship and you will be able to sell the plans and thus, you would be able to make contacts and referrals and thus, you could enlarge your are of potential clients.

Therefore, it is a good idea to remember that when you put efforts into making the business work, then the clients will appreciate the quality of the services you are offering and thus, you will be able to gain their confidence and their loyalty.

Life Insurance And The Credit Crunch

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With so much emphasis in the media about the ongoing credit crunch, many of us will more than likely be worried about some aspect of our financial portfolio. Consumers face an uphill struggle to clear their bills, credit cards and mortgage payments, but many of us could have unknowingly overlooked policies that will help our families in the event of unexpected circumstances.

Life insurance is one of the most important insurance policies you can have available to you, for it offers the opportunity for some financial aid for your family should something serious happen to you. Policies can range from critical illness cover, which offer cover in the event of a debilitating condition, to those which offer a payment to your family upon death.

There are many different types of life insurance policy – from temporary term assurance to whole-life policies – and it is vital that you research these before you sign up to a policy. There are also joint policies available that will pay out to either should something happen to their partner, however it can sometimes be cheaper to purchase two separate policies.

Some policies, including critical illness cover, are designed to pay out in instalments and provide families with the opportunity to afford vital medical care, help support them through the difficult process of rehabilitation and also help to pay off any accumulated debts by covering any lost income due to being out of work.

But in these difficult times, many are likely to shy away from securing life assurance policies for themselves in order to concentrate on more important financial matters. Having a policy in place can be a vital step in ensuring that your family will receive a degree of support should something happen to you.

Research is key when deciding on a policy, so it’s best to shop around for the best deal. If you are employed, it can be worth checking if you are entitled to some life insurance through the company you work for. Take the time to have a re-read over your contracts and check the terms and conditions to see if you’re covered.

Consulting a financial adviser can be beneficial if you’re unsure of what you could potentially be signing up for. Budgeting for a life insurance policy can be beneficial for yourself and your family as it can help to bring peace of mind and ensure that you and those closest to you are covered should the unexpected happen.

Choosing a Forex Broker That Wont Rip You Off

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At the best of times Forex currency trading can be a risky business with a huge potential for profit or loss. As a fulltime trader i have seen the best and the worst that the forex market has to offer, the dizzying highs of large wins, and the gut wrenching lows of people going bust.

You might be a forex trader yourself, or maybe you are just curious about how forex markets work, whomever you are, you need to learn how to seperate the legit forex brokers from the scam merchants. The internet has a great deal of genuine forex dealers offering quality services, it is also unfortunately infected with just as many thieves dressed up as companies who will gladly take your money and then dissapear. This fear of being taken advantage of puts a lot of people off the idea of trading forex, this shouldn't be the case.

Now there are a few key differences between stock markets and forex markets that you are going to have to learn:

1. Forex has no centralised exchange house.

2. Forex trading is 24/7.

3. Forex is a largely unregulated market.

Looking at that list, it kind of seems that the forex market is akin to a wild west town full of outlaws and gunslingers. In this market there is noone to complain to, noone who will hold your hand. So how can you find the genuine dealers amid all the garbage? Do not trust any broker whose reputation cannot be confirmed, and whose company is not tied to the forex market.

The attraction of the forex market can be overwhelming. The scent of huge profits often overpower the common sense of the average person. They enter eagerly, just waiting to invest their life savings.Lying in wait are the scammers with huge promises, they capture the new investors money, and suddenly dissapear.

The good news is, is that many genuine forex brokers do actually exist. Easy-Forex, Oanda, and many more have proven track records that justify their positions in the market. Usually if a company is small, has no affiliation to forex or a financial institution, then stay away. Also a word on looking for reviews about brokers online. You can find honest reviews on forex brokers online, however there seems to be a habit of late of competing forex companies, and/or traders engaging in negative marketing of each other. Dig deeper and you will usually find an honest answer.

So remember:

1. Validate the companies reputation.

2. Make sure they are tied to the forex legitimatly.

3. If the company is small and unheard of, stay away.

4. Finally if the broker has a proven online track record, a legitimate financial institution affiliation, and a few good reviews, give them a try.

My ultimate advice is, if unsure, invest the smallest amount you can, and find out for yourself. This is how i usually used to find brokers, and it worked for me.

How To A Design Logo?

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“A Logo speaks 1000 words”

A logo, sign or an icon can help building an identity for any organization or an agency. A logo complemented with artistic approach and marketing acumen can bring instant recognition and build customer base of the organization.

Give a visual identity…. Let the logo speak for its brand!

The design of a good business logo is an important element for a company and its growth. A good-quality logo helps customers recognize the company, thus increasing its customer/ client base and also bringing credibility to the product. So if you have a passion for designing and looking for useful tips on how to design a logo, then here are some of the very important and quick tips on the art of logo designing.

1. Understand a Logo & Its Importance-Before designing a logo, you must learn the basics like “What is a logo?” “Why is it important?” How it helps?”A logo is not just an icon it represents a brand with the help of its shape, fonts, color, and images. A logo conveys trust, recognition and respect for a company or product and a good designer is one who can do justice with his job and the client. It is always good to keep a track on what competition is doing and to do some brain storming to get instant and better ideas. Just visualize right tick(P) mark, the Nike logo in black, or big M in red color, yes you guessed it right McDonalds, this explains that how important a logo is to give your brand an identity or a much wanted recall value.

2. Rules & Principles of Logo Design- After understanding about the logo and its importance, a designer must learn the technical aspects of making a good creative logo based on the general rules of logo designing.


It should be explanatory- The logo should convey the product message.
Make it readable- Clarity of words/ text makes it memorable.
Make it attractive- A good design attracts everyone
Keep it simple- complex designs only confuse the audience, it will not engage them.
It should be consistent and scalable- maintain uniformity in your logo
It should have right usage of color, images and symbols


Don’t use more than 2 fonts
Don’t write much text
Don’t add photos in your logo

3. The logo design process- Once you have understood the basics, now it is important to know about the process of Logo designing. The process usually consists of:

  • The Design Brief – understand the brand and clients expectations
  • Research & Brainstorming- extensively research on websites and read about the product and recognize its needs.
  • Conceptualizing - create a concept, think out of the box to design a creative logo and give visual identity to a company.
  • Sketching – It is always good to sketch the ideas first before making it on the computer. Take tips from your rough sketches first.
  • Prototyping –now take the first cut on the tool which you are working on like Adobe Photoshop
  • Client approval- Send to your client for approval and his feedback
  • Revise and edit – make necessary changes and add finishing touch to your final file
  • Final deliverable- Deliver the file and provide customer satisfaction to your clients’ up to his expectations.

Follow these useful points and start designing a logo instantly to build a brand image of an organization in the market.

Print Business Cards For Effective Job Hunting

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When people think about job hunting, the furthest thing from their minds is business card printing. What we usually think of is writing a new resume or portfolio. We never consider business cards as a tool for job hunting. But believe me when I tell you it is something you should think about. When you print business cards, it is about making a contact and a connection. It makes you look professional, easily approachable and most importantly you will stand out among other applicants since people rarely give business cards away in job applications. Besides this, there are many other strategies that you can employ with your business cards for job hunting. Read on, and see a few tips that we have for you.

Make contacts, make opportunities
When you print business cards, your aim is to make contacts. For starters, you don't have to give them only to employers. Chances are you will meet a lot of job hunters yourself, including ones in different professions and industries. If you are friendly in the unemployment cues and lobby waiting rooms, try to make some contacts. Strike up a conversation about anything and make a casual friend. If you somehow connect, try and ask for their business card and give your own color business card in exchange. Who knows? That casual encounter can lead you to better job opportunities.

Include it with your resume
This is rarely done, but it is the key to some recognition among other job applicants. You can attach your business card along with your resume as you pass it. It is simple but it conveys a lot of messages. First, it conveys your image as a professional. Having a color business card ready means you were a competent business professional before and that you are eager to make contacts. Second, a business card gives you that “unique factor”. Since it is rare for people to attach their business card along with a resume' employers will remember that particular applicant with the professional looking business card design. You will appear more competent than others, and it might just be the key to landing that new job.

Leave it everywhere and anywhere
Also, if you are open to working even for just some part time projects, business card printing can come in handy. If you visit offices, restaurants, clubs and other establishments try and leave your business card at the reception or front desk. You can advertise yourself this way. If you are a web designer, architect, lawyer or are like other professionals who work primarily with projects cases, leaving your business card is a good way to increase your chances of landing a new job. A lot of establishments are searching for people who can do a few simple projects for them without the hassle of a formal job hunt. So if they see your business card they might just take you up for a project or two. It is extra money for you, and it might pave the way for more regular employment later.

It is an affordable investment
So as you can see, there are many ways you can use business cards for job hunting. One good thing about printing business cards is that it is a relatively affordable investment. For just 50 or 100 copies of your business card you can increase your job hunting success in a lot of dimensions. So try to print business cards for your job hunt. It is worth a try, and the benefits are definitely worth the investment.

For comments and inquiries about the article visit: Print Business Cards

Twelve Step Selection Process For Dropshippers

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Dropshipping has rapidly become one of the easiest ways to sell products on the internet without the need for capital, there are literally thousands of sites out there that pertain to be dropshippers and it can be a minefield for those looking to get into dropshipping in order to make some money. I have been using dropshipping for a number of years now and thought that I would document a few of my thoughts and questions that come to mind when I consider a new dropshipper arrangement.

Some questions you may wish to ask are:

1. Is the dropshipping product list static?

What I mean by this is ‘are the products available going to change', this is important because if a dropshipper sticks to a fixed product list then you have no way of moving with the times and you will be plugging away trying to dropship out of ‘life cycle' products. Ideally the product list should update regularly giving you different products to promote and make money from.

2. What availability guarantees are they claiming and are they proven?

One of the key factors to consider when using a dropshipper is the availability of product, remember you are selling to a customer without having the product at hand so you need to be assured that when you sell that Playstation3 or iPod that the dropshipper will have the product in stock and be able to deliver to your customer. There is nothing worse than selling a product to a customer who thinks you have the product in stock only to find out the dropshipper is out of stock and you have to let them down. I term this Business Critical, as there is no hope of return custom after letting people down. Some of the more advanced dropshippers have online access to their stock lists and you can see what they have in stock and how quickly they go out of stock before you choose to sell a particular product.

3. Previous customer testimonials?

Nothing is better than word of mouth; if a previous customer is willing to praise the dropshipper then they are obviously doing something right.

4. Sales/Copy and images for auctions?

Does the dropshipper provide any sales copy and/or images that you can use on your sales pages? Most of the reputable ones are willing to help you in this area because the more you sell the more they sell. Some dropshippers even provide website templates and complete sites for you to install which can help if you have a limited technical ability.

5. Does the pricing allow you a margin?

When selecting a dropshipper always compare the prices they charge to those that are being commanded in your marketplace, research some offers from your competition and see whether you are comparable or hopefully better. Obviously this is one single product and don't be afraid to use a dropshipper for one product and use another for another product, dropshipping is that easy you can use 10 dropshippers to sell 10 different products.

6. How long does it take before you ship my order?

What are the lead times for the shipping of your orders, obviously your customers are expecting a speedy service and if the dropshipper in question is going to take 2-3 weeks to ship then you are not going to have many happy customers. You will also need this information so that in your sales copy you can inform the customer the expected delivery times. Most reputable dropshippers ship in 3 days maximum, with some delivering next day.

7. Can I place orders 24/7?

This can be important especially if you are using a dropshipper in a different country, the country you are selling in maybe during the day while the one that the dropshipper is in may be the middle of the night and as such may cause added delays if they do not have a system in place. Top line dropshippers have automated systems but other reputable dropshippers still use manual ordering so this is not a factor to put you off but more a bonus if the system is automated.

8. How will my merchandise be shipped?

The simple question here is will the item be shipped under plain packaging? If it isn't then the customer can circumvent you on any subsequent orders, which isn't a business practice that will sustain your own. Again, pretty much all the reputable dropshippers post under plain packaging but there are a few that don't and obviously these are the ones to avoid. It is also wise to review how the dropshipper delivers, ie. With postal service/3 rd party service they are using and the guarantees/information that they provide such as tracking codes etc. Always go with a dropshipping service that doesn't advertise themselves when they ship.

9. Do you ship internationally?

Obviously, you want to sell to the biggest market you can and if your dropshipper will not ship internationally then you will potentially be losing a large chunk of sales. Again this needs to be taken into context with the product you are selling, if it is a country specific product that you are just selling then international shipping is not a factor also if it is a bulky product then the shipping costs would be that large that most international customers would not want to pay the cost and this again negates the need to ship internationally.

10. Are you a middle man or a dropshipper?

When researching a dropshipper you want to make sure that they are actually a true dropshipper and not actually a middle man that is using a dropshipper to dropship for you. This means that you are being overcharged and that with a bit more research you will be able to locate the original dropshipper and make some extra profit per sale.

11. What is the return and refund policy?

What exactly is the policy, most dropshippers accept returns and if they do not then do not use them period. Obviously when selling any product your customer may have a problem with it or feel it is actually unsuitable after all and wish to return it, this is obviously a service you may or may not actually offer to your customer however having a strictly prohibited returns policy will lose you sales so it is something you need to be clear on. What generally happens is you contact the dropshipper and they issue you with a returns authority number (RA) for which you need to use to send the products back, when the product arrives back then they issue a refund which you pass onto the customer. Obviously, this adds time to the return process and in the meantime you may wish to refund the customer as soon as they return the product to you before you send it back to your dropshipper because this will speed the customer refund and increase your customer service.

12. Do you have to reside in the same country to use the dropshipper?

Some dropshippers only allow residents of their own country to use their service and this question needs to be asked so that there is no confusion and problems going forward. Although not a complete list these are the twelve questions that I refer back to when selecting a new dropshipping partner and they have kept me out of trouble so far. You may wish to add to this list yourself but with a few simple questions and a little bit of research you can turn your dropshipping dreams into reality and start earning some money. Dropshipping is here to stay and there are many people that say it doesn't work, well I am not one of them and I am successfully using a number of dropshippers to serve my increasing international customer base both in a timely and customer focused manner.


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Are You Aware Of The Dangers of Forex Trading

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It's estimated that 90 of start-ups succeed). Then why is Forex trading considered risky?

Forex trading is quickly gaining ground as one of the most popular ways to earn money from home and it is without doubt a very lucrative business. However few traders are familiar with all the details and complications of currency Trading and most ignore a very important aspect: risk. Forex gives you a chance to invest your money successfully, but that is not enough! You have to be careful because Forex trading can be both an profitable home business or it can be a source of a major headache.

What are the well known risks of Currency trading which is known will easier be avoided by beginner traders?

  • First of all, every investment bears risk. Its written in the fine print of CFTC every document, of every brochure of every financial institution managing people's investments, including mutual fund companies, credit unions, major commercial banks, etc.
  • The currency market in general is actually quite stable. Compared to the stock market the Forex market is way more stable. Also there is no insider trading and the news come out at times which are known in advance. However the volumes traded on the Forex market makes even the smallest change in the rates seem significant.
  • Fluctuations in currency prices, discrepancies in interest rate differentials between two different countries, large volume transactions and limited flow of exotic currencies will have an effect on the market.
  • Large profits and minimal losses are impossible to predict with 100% certainty.
  • The Forex trading market has great winning potential, but it also has a potential for losses.
  • Poor money management (no Stop Loss orders) and emotional baggage are most of the time a cause of loss. Use facts, not hope or fear, when trading.
  • Huge leverage is provided to traders. If not managed properly, this leads to dangerous positions that expose the account to unjustified risk .
  • Lack of money management or no general trading plan are the mistakes that currency traders make sometimes.
  • Choosing an unreliable or dishonest broker can lead to problems as they can widen spreads during volatile market conditions affecting the retail trader. They can even refuse to trade sometimes. Choosing a reliable broker is essential to your success.
  • Scams were very common years ago when dealing with a broker. However, one can be confident in company one is working with by checking their background and the Institutions they are associated with (large banks, important insurance companies).
Don't be discouraged! Forex isn't all about risks. And have this in mind: If Currency trading isn't profitable then why are so many financial investors, banks, international institutions and important players that obtain huge amounts of cash by simply turning their own money into other currencies?

All Currency traders have to be very well informed about their field and activities. They have to know technical analysis and how to read and interpret charts, they have to develop effective strategies and minimize risk. The financial exposure has to be limited and this can be done in many ways.

So, spend some time to educate yourself on the topic of Forex trading. Think of the rewards Forex trading brings and you will realize that this will be a time well spent and definitely - worth it! Be prudent, never risk more than you can afford and always trade with a Stop Loss.

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Start a Craft Blog to Make Money Online

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An online blog may be the perfect place for you to start sharing your love of crafting. How would you also like to make money while you blog? Journaling online, called blogging, allows you to share your beautiful crafts and your talent with other crafty people. With simple to learn, free applications like or Wordpress, you can choose templates to suit your style. Your craft blog can be personally designed to illustrate:

Pictures: Post plenty of clear pictures of the items you made to show others what you can do. You may want to include before and after pictures if you are using common household items or if you are re-purposing other items to make your crafts. Take photos of each stage during the crafting process, and you'll get regular blog readers very quickly. Use a high quality digital camera to capture the true beauty of your crafts.

Detailed material descriptions: Your fellow crafters are interested not only in how you make your craft, but what materials you use. Crafters recognize a certain brand of material, or a specific color, or shape, and will shop for that item because they want their version of the craft item to turn out like yours. Not only will your reader's craft turn out more like yours if they know what items specifically to purchase, but when you use exact sizes, shapes, and names of materials, the search engines will find you and your craft as people search the internet using the words you use in your description.

How To: It's always a wonderful idea to include a How To for some of your more popular or intricate crafts. This allows others to learn how they can make their own version of the crafts you have on display, for personal enjoyment or gift-giving. If you have a craft that's uniquely yours, you can even patent it and sell the instructions at a small cost to the reader.

Materials list: When your readers walk into the craft store, they want a complete list of materials to make their shopping easier. You'll want to include all colors, sizes, and measurements in great detail and accuracy. Include where your readers can find the materials needed and any additional descriptions and possible substitutions if needed. Additionally, when people visiting your website duplicate your craft and it turns out great, they are more likely to tell their friends about your blog -- so be sure to explain exactly which items they should purchase and where they can find them.

Selling ideas and crafts: Some of the best money-making opportunities for you could be selling your own crafts directly from your blog. You will see a quicker return on your investment if you can turn your own crafts and ideas into sales. By personalizing gifts during high gift-giving seasons like the Holidays and birthdays, you will quickly benefit from your growing crafter's blog. You may wish to set up a storefront on a site such as or You may also consider selling the patterns you've developed for your crafts, the templates for designs, or even selling advertising space.

When you craft, you know you've put in more than time, patience, and talent. You've invested your hard-earned money, too. Learn how blogging about your crafts can turn your interests into a money making venture. Why shouldn't you share your love of crafting with the whole world and make money in the process!

In today's world, where all of us are starting to wonder where our next pay check is going to come from. I know many of you have come to the conclusion it is time to stop depending on companies and other people for your financial welfare, but to find a way to only depend on yourself. Below I am going to discuss a proven extremely high quality Forex trading training program that get you started quickly and inexpensively down the road to financial freedom.

If you want to start making money quickly, don’t have a lot of money to invest in a Forex course and really don't have much time to spend learning currency trading I have the class for you. It is very simple to understand and easy to start trading with. I have used this method for years after I first discovered the program.

The great thing about this is you only follow what we in the industry call a, "Forex Indicator." If it tells you to buy, you buy. If it tells you to short, you short. Don't worry if you don't know what short means, they will teach you in the class, it is easy. Another great aspect to this program is that it is very low risk. Don't worry, low risk does not mean low rewards.

This is a currency trading method called, "Forex Scalping." This means you get in and out of the market very quickly trying to make a 5% profit on each trade. The winning percentage is very high, but of course it is not perfect and you do have loses. But, those loses are small and don't hurt you too much.

It is possible, in fact it is probable you will double you initial investment every fifteen days with this program. This is one of, if not the most popular training class on the internet with literally thousands of former students that swear by the program. They love it because it has consistently made them money for years in the markets and it does not matter what the market conditions are at any given time.

I am sure you have heard enough already and want to know the name of the Forex trading training program already. It is called Forex Made E-Z and was developed by a retired pilot looking for something to do with his spare time. Since it was discovered and designed by a lay person, this is one of the principle reasons it so uncomplicated to make money with. If you have time, please fell free to check out there web site.

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Starting Your Own Home-based Solar Energy Business

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Our home-based solar energy business entails no up-front costs or fees, unlike many other work from home opportunities. We do ask that you invest time in educating yourself and in turn educating the consumer about renewable energy. It is the perfect time to join the solar revolution.

The cost of oil and natural gas continues to rise. CO2 emissions and the release of Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) are changing the climate. The support and management issue related to an old energy grid erodes security.

The need to adopt and upgrade the American home to solar energy has never been more apparent. Emerging U.S. companies are ensuring that residential customers are afforded the opportunity to take advantage of renewable technologies through innovative solar system rental services. Companies are positioning the rental of solar panels and entire residential systems as a means to modernize the U.S. energy infrastructure, to increase global energy supplies, and to provide methods for entrepreneurs to create home-based, solar energy businesses.

Photovoltaic (PV) technology is evolving rapidly to address today´s global climate and energy challenges. With the solar revolution comes unequaled opportunity. It offers excellent business growth for work from home, solar energy consultants who want to create a way forward. The following outlines the requirements to starting your own home-based solar energy business.

* Step 1 - Understanding the Solar Energy Business Offering
* Step 2 - Creating a Structure for Your Home-Based Business
* Step 3 - Registering and Completing the Associate Training
* Step 4 - Receiving Ongoing Small Business Development and Support

Home-based businesses, particularly in rural or small town settings, are helping many people achieve the balance between economic prosperity and personal well being. Home-based businesses are now recognized as a viable source of new jobs and economic growth. Entrepreneurs are creating their own alternative jobs from home rather than seek corporate employment.

The home-based, solar energy business explained here has a great mission. Its grassroots goal is to spread the use of clean, renewable power as simply and as rapidly as possible. This solar rental service has removed many of the challenges associated with both the use of residential solar energy as well as the entrepreneurs wishing to start a work-from-home business.

The solar industry´s dramatic expansion is both exciting and a movement worth of crafting a new small business around. A solar powered home is becoming more and more popular and finally more affordable. Many home owners are opting alternative powered water and pool heaters that can be run off of rented solar energy systems. Solar plants consume little or no fuel, saving billions of dollars year after year. The infrastructure would displace 300 large coal-fired power plants and 300 more large natural gas plants and all the fuels they consume.

Solar does seem about to become a major player in the energy market. Solar energy systems are now rentable. Solar module brackets, solar module frames and profile channels according to the present invention can be formed of any suitable material with the entire solar energy system packaged up for one day installations and rental options that lock in the cost of energy for up to 25 years.

Starting a home based solar energy business has many rewards and challenges. Starting a business is a big responsibility that includes commitment, professionalism, training, and self-discipline. It involves careful consideration, such as what type of competition you'll encounter and the demand for the solar rental service you can expect. Start searching for your next dream job by investigating the options exploding in the renewable energy industry.

Bullion Trading

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Well! Stock trading has all along been the ideal hunting territory for investors, traders and daily spinners. It brought on its trail, the concepts of commodity trading. Soon forex picked up to become a 200 trillion dollar daily enterprise and bullion is not doing badly either.

Bullion trading encompasses gold, silver, precious metals and associated products which are traded through over-the-counter bullion trading platforms .US already has many decentralized units splashed all across its territory which enable bullion trading. Few countries have become price makers and left the tag of price takers far behind the toe-line. This is amply exhibited by how these countries are reacting today through the ever looming recession, focusing chiefly on bullion clouding.

The oil prices have led to the hottening up of bullion trading and it seems that drying liquidity and cabinet proposals may look to be instrumental for bullion market in recent future.

Domain expertise and best global trading practices help in setting price lines for gold trading with the most precise pricing mechanisms followed over the counter in most of the bullion trading countries.

Bullion trading requires a meticulous centre for hallmarking that can facilitate the procedure of setting gold and silver prices in accordance with the top systems. For instance, South East Asia looks up to the AM/PM system in London.

The concept of Spot gold has been traveling all through the arc of western bullion market. Spot gold trading is put forth for settlement two business days from the day of trade. Here, business day is defined as a day when both London and New York bullion exchange are open. Supply and demand theories do not move the gold market that much. It’s the interest rate differentials along with spot prices which are instrumental in freezing and melting the bullion market. This determines the volatility or the lack of it as far as gold price movement is concerned?

Interest rate for gold is obviously below intra country interest rates. This is so precisely because it would encourage gold borrowing and let the central bank monetize in chunk through their colossal gold holdings.

Today, bulk of gold and silver trading is done at the over the counter market. An optimum chunk of bullion trading is also done over internet medium.

Also, the banks are promoting the purchase of gold and they are trying to lure retail investors with handy perks to speed up the process of gold sale.

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Get More Traffic With Wordpress

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Blogs have become very powerful and can do fantastic things for a business. Because they are very Search Engine friendly they can work to increase traffic to your website very quickly.

A blog is simply an easy way to share your thoughts, ideas and even promote your products or services. People are on the internet searching for information that interests them and once they find a site that provides good updated content about their interests they will most likely keep coming back for more

Implement some of these strategies and you'll see traffic building fast.

1) Wordpress is the best blogging platform

I recommend Wordpress self hosted platform for a number of reasons. If you're into Internet Marketing or just Blogging for the long run you'll want to brand yourself and make it easy for people to find your site.

2) Get your own domain name

As I mentioned before you'll need to brand yourself and having a domain name related to your product or service is the first step. There are many hosting companies that offer great service and pricing but Hostgator is one of the best in my opinion. They will help you to set up your Wordpress blog or standard website.

3) Choose your Wordpress template wisely

There are so many free Wordpress templates available that it can become overwhelming. To start with choose one that is visually appealing and that is plugin ready. Plugins are free as well an can add additional functionality to your Wordpress blog.

4) All in One SEO Pack pluging is a must that will help to increase traffic

The -All in One SEO Pack- will help optimize your Wordpress blog for Search Engines. - It automatically optimizes titles for search engines - Generates META tags for you, - Avoids duplicate content that can be a problem with Wordpress blogs

5) Google XML Sitemap plugin

This plugin will create a Google sitemaps compliant XML-Sitemap of your WordPress blog. It will support pages Wordpress and custom pages. Every time you edit or create a post, your sitemap will be updated and all of the major search engines that support the sitemap protocol, like, Google, MSN Search and YAHOO, are notified about the update.

6) Content for your Blog

You will need to work on creating original content for your site and updating it on a regular basis. Content refers to the articles or postings that you write and publish on your blog. It should be relevant to your niche so that when people search for information about your niche they can be referred to your site by the search engines.

7) Getting more traffic to your site

There are many free ways to get additional traffic to your blog. Article Marketing is one way. Posting comments on related blogs is another and visiting forums and becoming part of the community will also get you more visibility.

Having a popular and successful blog will take some time even though some may tell you otherwise. It will take hard and consistent work as well as good content and the willingness to educate yourself about SEO and web traffic. If you will take the time to write good content and work on getting traffic you will have no trouble increasing website traffic over time. Staying focused, having a plan and not giving up too quickly. After building a readership you will be able to keep them coming back as long as you post on a regular basis and give your readers information they're interested in.